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LCMC Texas

God’s wish is our command. Literally.


We are an association of congregations whose understanding of the Faith is rooted in the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions. We recognize that the congregation, gathered around God’s Word and Sacrament, is the Church, so we don’t get much more hierarchical than that.


God’s Word is clear: We were created for a purpose; we were redeemed for a purpose; we are set apart for a purpose! Jesus calls us to follow him, and join in the great work of making disciples of all nations. We know it’s not merely about “going” to Church – we are supposed to be the Church!


Our connection to LCMC is not hierarchical or legislative, but geographical: Primarily, we exist to promote fellowship, mutual ministry and church planting. Over fifty congregations have saddled up to ride with us, and our posse is always looking for more good hands. Yee-haw!


Upcoming shenanigans, recently pulled stunts. News to share. Reasons to celebrate.
There’s a lot happening across Texas, and no one can hope to keep track of it all, but we’re darned sure gonna try.

Mission Growth

Whether it’s planting a brand-new worshipping community or revitalizing a well-established congregation, the mission is the same: make disciples, make better disciples, and make more disciples. Our team coordinates efforts to do just that.

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Worshipping Communities
2014 convention in Seguin

Annual Convention

What do you call it when people from all across God’s Country get together to eat great food, fellowship with like-minded believers, share ministry opportunities, and worship the Most Awesome God? We call it the Annual Texas District Convention.

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Local Clergy Conferences

We live in the internet-age, where distance is no longer an obstacle to communication. Even so, our pastors frequently get together the old fashioned way: in person. With a bible in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other, they engage in deep theology and casual chit-chat, and everyone goes home better for the exchange.

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burning bush at Camp Eagle

an incredibly popular game: buckyball

Youth Events

God calls each of us to let our light shine before others; sometimes that means glowsticks and other times that means a campfire. But one thing’s for sure: when youth get together it always leads to trouble. That’s why we encourage youth events wherever we can: to make MORE of it!

Cause Trouble

Training & Support

Pastors seeking a call. Churches seeking a pastor. Seminarians in need of financial aid. Lay leaders in need of theological training. Leaders who want to grow their leadership. Organizers who want to grow beyond local ministry. You might say we’re an ambitious lot. But when you’re on a mission…

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So naturally, there should be a congregation nearby.

Location, Location…

We’ve got some fifty odd locations throughout the Republic, some little, some big. And there’s more on the way. If you’re looking for a church home or just passing through on a weekend somewhere, stop by and see us!

Whether you are just passing through or finally settling down, chances are we’re in your area.

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